Requirements Traceability – Part 2 of 4: What to Trace and Why

Now that we have looked at and thought about requirements traceability and managing requirements at a high level in my traceability series part 1 post, let’s move on to some more requirements traceability details. The BABOK® Guide recommends that you trace your requirements at one or more levels, as you deem appropriate. The four suggested levels  […]
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Requirements Traceability – Part 1 of 4: Managing Requirements Traceability

Managing requirements traceability is part of the tasks found in the Requirements Management and Communication knowledge area of the BABOK® Guide.  Traceability is an important characteristic of requirements, particularly in complex projects. Traced requirements have clearly defined and identified relationships to the other requirements found within the solution scope. Requirements traceability provides you and your […]
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Recommended Technique: Root Cause Analysis

Project managers, business analysts and project team members often find themselves performing root case analysis to determine the underlying source of a problem. This structured technique is used to examine a situation in order to establish the root causes and resulting effects of a particular problem. On my projects, I have found that brainstorming is a […]
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Eliciting Project Requirements

Requirements elicitation targets gathering the right information to develop the project requirements.  The requirements for your project are the foundation for a solution that will be designed and deployed by the project and its efforts.  According to the BABOK® Guide, the tasks in the Elicitation knowledge area begin early in the project life cycle and typically […]
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Closer Look: The Solution Assessment and Validation Knowledge Area

 As you know, preparing for the IIBA’s CBAP® or CCBA™certification exam can be a lot of work! One recommended thing you should know backwards and forwards before sitting your exam is the six knowledge areas and their associated tasks. Here’s another knowledge area for you to get to know better… In the BABOK® Guide, the Solution Assessment and […]
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