Business Analysis Technique: Process Modeling

Process models organize your requirements using a hierarchy of processes and sub-processes and addressing those processes from start to finish. You use them to document the steps your stakeholders take to get their work done. Process models are very easy to understand and to work with on your projects. Think of graphically depicting a series […]
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IIBA Awards First CCBA™ Credential

It’s official!  IIBA has awarded the first the first Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA™) designation to Mr. Michel Sauty of Villars-sous-Yens near Geneva, Switzerland.  Congratulations, Michel!  I hope you are the first of many folks to sit the exam, pass the exam, and receive this new business analysis certification. The new CCBA™ exam targets folks who […]
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CBAP Knowledge and Comprehension Style Exam Questions

Preparing for the IIBA’s CBAP® or CCBA™certification exam can be a lot of work. One piece of advice is for you to get familiar with the types of questions found on those exams. That provides you with a useful look at how the stuff you are studying might be presented to you in an actual exam question.  […]
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