Effective Communication: The Four Most Common Errors in Taking the Reader’s Point of View

Making sure that you take your reader’s point of view is the starting point for communicating effectively. Here are the four most common errors that writers make when trying to think like their readers, along with how to spot those mistakes and how to correct them. I shouldn’t say this out loud but, as an editor, […]
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Two Rules for Eliminating “Unclarity” In Your Writing (and a bonus)

Here are two places where writers regularly destroy clarity. Get these wrong and you’ll lose your readers — and you’ll also be judged (plus, a postscript on using commas correctly). After talking in an earlier post about how even the bedrocks of technical writing (precision, clarity, and concision) are driven by the reader, I do have to admit […]
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Learning from Legal Disasters: Three Rules to Improve Clarity in Writing

There are gremlins in the courthouse: It turns out that what a legal document says and what the lawyers who wrote it meant are often two different things. Here are three cases where the gremlins in law provide some rules for clear writing that you can follow. When I teach either Learning Tree’s Business Writing or Technical […]
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