Missile Defence Agency Adopts Cloud Computing

Today, whilst on a consulting assignment related to mobile development, we discussed the integration of mobile and Cloud Computing. My client immediately said “the big problem with cloud computing is security, applications co-hosted with other organisations applications is dangerous …”. As you know, this is something that I have written about before. Having then began […]
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Improved Amazon Private Cloud Security: EC2 Dedicated Instances

Back in October last year I posted an article titled ‘How Dedicated is Your Private Cloud ?‘. The main theme was that whilst organisations like Amazon offer private clouds on Amazon infrastructure, your virtual machines may actually be co-hosted on the same physical hardware as other organisations virtual machines. What is private in such scenarios […]
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Amazon Launches Email Service

This week has seen the launch of Amazon’s Simple E-mail Service (SES). This has received a mixed reception. From companies who wish to undertake cost effective electronic marketing, the service has been welcomed. Providers of email sending services have claimed it cannot work effectively. The Amazon SES provides a clean solution that enables organisations to […]
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Amazon AWS and ISO 27001 Certification

When teaching the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course, one of the biggest perceived barriers to cloud adoption I hear from attendees is security. As we discuss this, and in exercises and case studies discuss planning a migration to the cloud, we highlight that governance and standards are required for the cloud. One of the standards […]
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Realizing the Benefits of the Cloud

A while back, I wrote the article This Cloud Thing is Out of Control where I talked about moving a customer into the cloud to get better control over security, backups, testing, fault-tolerance and administration.  Well, we’re in the cloud now, and it hasn’t taken long to realize some of its advantages. Cloud for Security: I’m […]
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