Which Linux Training is Best for Programmers and Server Administrators?

In this blog I started explaining Learning Tree’s array of Linux training courses. I divided them into courses that prepare you for certification exams, versus those that teach you to use and manage the Linux environment. I explained the CompTIA, Microsoft, and Red Hat certification test-prep courses. Now let’s look at the courses that teach […]
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Two Reasons the vim Text Editor Really Is vi Improved!

The vi editor is one of the big hurdles in seriously using Linux or any other member of the UNIX family of operating systems. The operating system is configured and controlled almost entirely with simple text files. Until you can comfortably edit them, you have no hope of doing any system administration. It’s not really […]
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How to Highlight Data with grep

The UNIX family design philosophy is to have a large toolbox filled with simple tools, each of which does one thing well. Then you can plug them together into pipelines and build arbitrarily complex tools. Someone says “Let’s read the Apache web server log and extract just the requested URLs, count how many there is […]
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How To Customize Your Linux Interface — Part 2

Last week I explained how to get your keyboard and mouse button layout set up just the way you want them. Along the way I mentioned something called the Compose key. Let’s see what it can do for us! With last week’s correction and modification of the keyboard layout, we made sure that all the […]
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Getting Started With Linux, Part 2 — Six Free and Easy Ways to Have Your Own Linux Server

When I teach Learning Tree’s Linux server administration course, I frequently find attendees who have taken the introductory Linux for users course and who are in the server course because they are about to be put in charge of running some critical servers, but they don’t have the needed skills. They’re just not ready to […]
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