To Err Is Human

On August 14th, the New York Times reported a site outage and posted a notice to site users. ZDNet reported that it may have been due to a firewall configuration issue. I’m glad they got it fixed. What’s important here is that maybe it was due to a human configuration error (and if it wasn’t […]
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Best Practices for Configuring WCF 4.5

In my last few posts I looked at the new options that WCF 4.5 provides for managing the most awkward part of WCF: configuring the services. I looked at the new options for configuring IIS hosted services in code, configuring (from code) service libraries that support multiple endpoints, loading your config files from a central […]
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Managing WCF 4.5 Configuration Files in WCF Service Applications

In the last few posts I’ve been looking at the new options that WCF 4.5 gives you for configuring your services. The first two posts showed how to configure a Web Service in an ASP.NET application and how to configure a service both as a Web Service and as higher-performance TCP-based service in a Service […]
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Manage WCF 4.5 Service Configurations from One Location

In an earlier post, I showed how you can configure a WCF 4.5 Web Service in an ASP.NET site with a few lines of code in the beta version of the .NET Framework 4.5; in a later post, I showed how you could configure a WCF 4.5 service both as a TCP-based service and a […]
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Beyond Configuring Web Services in WCF 4.5

In my previous post, I looked at how easy it was to add a basic HTTP Web Service to a Web site in the beta of the .NET Framework 4.5 through code: Just add a shared/static method called Configure to your service and put some code in it to configure the ServiceConfiguration object passed to […]
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