Two Steps to Emails That Get Read

When you go to write your next email, start by realizing that your recipient probably doesn’t want to read your email at all. Fortunately, you can use that your advantage. Back when I had a job, I mentioned to my boss that I rewrote my emails two or three times before I sent them to him. […]
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How to Stop Letting Weasel Words Waste Your Time

Many documents (including emails) give the appearance of saying something but don’t. Reading those documents are a waste of your time; Writing those documents is a waste of both your time and your readers’ time. Here’s how to spot the problem and, more importantly, how to avoid it. I like the sign in the picture: […]
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Two Steps to Ensure Your Document is Read

Here are the four facts that describe how people actually read your business or technical document – and, based on those facts, the one tool you need to get your potential audience to actually read your document. Here’s a fact we don’t think about much: Unlike you, your readers haven’t read your document. As a result, […]
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