Two Rules for Eliminating “Unclarity” In Your Writing (and a bonus)

Here are two places where writers regularly destroy clarity. Get these wrong and you’ll lose your readers — and you’ll also be judged (plus, a postscript on using commas correctly). After talking in an earlier post about how even the bedrocks of technical writing (precision, clarity, and concision) are driven by the reader, I do have to admit […]
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Three Things to Recognize About Grammar for Effective Communication

Worrying about grammar when you’re writing will make you a worse rather than a better writer. That doesn’t mean grammar doesn’t matter…it just doesn’t matter the way you think it does. There seem to be a lot of people who believe that someone, somewhere wrote a specification for the English language…and that we do a […]
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Using a Style Guide for Your Project Documents

Did you ever read a project document and immediately recognize that it was written by many different people? It can be easy to tell when we stick together different sections of our documents that were written by different authors. Sure would be nice if all of our project documents looked like they were written by […]
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