Phone Encryption is Great; Locking is Still Essential

Both Apple and Google have announced plans to encrypt data by default on mobile devices. This is fantastic news. It means that if you lose your device, your data is protected from people who want to look at it. Your Passcode Protects the Data In Apple’s case, a post on their site days “On devices […]
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Pssst, Wanna Hear a Secret – On My Mobile?

We all have secrets. We also know that if we share those secrets over our mobile devices governments can listen in. Now it seems governments and possibly hackers can take control of your phone using the phone’s own management software. I don’t think I’d use my mobile phone to communicate any secrets. But some clever […]
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Smart Phone and Tablet Problems Can Let Your Cloud Data Slip Out the Back Door

When you put your data “out in the cloud”, you will want to get it back eventually. Maybe even interact with it frequently. You lost direct control and even the visibility of the control of your data when you moved it to the cloud. Just how much you lose depends on the cloud service model, […]
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The New Android Version Should Help Security

Google released Android version 4.4 (a.k.a. KitKat) at the end of October. The many changes include some nice security improvements. In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we talk about the need for mobile device security. With Saas (or Software as a Service) offerings, you have no control over what happens with your data on […]
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BYOD? I Hope You Didn’t Really Want That Data

Last week I talked about the importance of being able to get your data out of the cloud. After all, that’s an aspect of availability. Earlier this year I passed along the news from Symantec’s State of Information Report that more and more data is being stored “outside the firewall”. Some people will say “Well, […]
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