Parallel Computing with .NET 4 and Windows Azure

Yesterday, Chris Czarnecki posted a great article, Comparing Cloud Computing with Grid Computing.  This inspired me to write this article on parallel computing with .NET 4. One of the reasons to use Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 or any other cloud solution is to get massive scalability.  Your program might start out small running on a single […]
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Understanding Lambda Expressions in C#

Last week at the first run of the new .NET 4 programming course, the topic that students found the hardest to understand was lambda expressions.  This is not surprising, as lambda expressions are hard to understand.  They can be useful though, especially if you are using Windows Azure.  So, let me try to explain them.  […]
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First Run of Learning Tree Course – .NET 4 Programming

A couple months ago, I wrote about a new class that Learning Tree was developing,” .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers: Hands-On.” (See my prior post: New Learning Tree .NET Course for Experienced .NET Developers.) Today, I’m attending the beta run of that course, which is being taught by the author, Gérard Frantz.  Gérard […]
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Using EC2 Micro Instances for ASP.NET Hosting

I’m the author of Learning Tree course 502: Programming with .NET: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction.  The case study in that course has the students create a program called Flash Cards, which is intended to help kids learn basic math skills.  Good case studies are hard to come up with.  They need to be complex enough to […]
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New Learning Tree .NET Course for Experienced .NET Developers

I’m the technical editor on a new Learning Tree course.   It is course 2620: .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers.  The course is not specifically about cloud development.  However, ASP.NET and other .NET developers working on cloud-based applications would certainly be interested. The course is unique in a number of ways.  First, the author […]
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