Physical Security is Still Important, Maybe it is More So Than Ever Before

I taught Learning Tree’s Cyber Security Introduction from my office studio recently. The course participants had one thing in common with every other group to which I’ve delivered that class: they really weren’t interested in physical security. I tried to change their minds. Along with the usual activity where a Windows device is booted from […]
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How My Phone Became My Door Key

The Internet of Things trend sees appliances, home entertainment devices, vehicles, and many more things being connected to the Internet. A related trend replaces even more mundane things with Internet connectivity. Keys are a recent addition to the trend. Test-Driving the Hilton Digital Key Test-sleeping? Whatever… A few days before a recent trip in which […]
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Passive Keyless Entry & the Security/Ease-of-Use Trade-off

During a TV commercial the other evening my wife asked, “How do those push-button car starters work? Can just anyone start your car if the door is open?” That’s a good question and it has a significant cyber security component. First — to directly answer her question — no, not just anyone can start the […]
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5 Things You Need To Do To Safeguard Your Information in 2015

Happy New Year! As we get back to work and recover from the holidays there are a few things to do to begin the year in cybersecurity. They may not all be fun, but they beat responding to even a handful of the 678 emails waiting in the inbox. Of course, there are lots of […]
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Lockpicking or Picking a Lock – Is Physical Security Part of Your Cyber Security Plan?

I used to love to break into my brother’s bedroom when he wasn’t there. He always locked the door to keep me out (I think I was 13 and he was 10). The bedroom doors had a very simple lock and a thin piece of metal or wood – such as a meat skewer – […]
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