Addressing the Communication and Collaboration Challenges of Remote Teams

Communicate, communicate, and communicate! On any project, you must ensure that mechanisms for effective communications are firmly in place and well understood. The more geographically distributed your team members and stakeholders are, the more you and your project are at risk of mis-communicating or simply not communicating at all.  It is well-known that poor project […]
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Teaching as Part of Effective Project Communications

Teaching is closely related to communicating with your project stakeholders. As a project manager or business analyst, you may find yourself operating in a teaching mode as you communicate project issues and requirements to your stakeholders, making sure that they are understood and agreed upon. Many times, you will find yourself facilitating the learning experiences […]
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10 Things to Think About When Building a Project Communication Plan

What do you need to consider when building your project’s communication management plan? There are a number of things to keep in mind when developing this plan.  One of the biggest reasons for project failure is poor communication.  Sure seems like we should spend some time planning for how we will communicate effectively on our […]
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The PRINCE2® Communication Management Strategy

The PRINCE2 Communication Management Strategy contains a description of the means and frequency of communication to parties both internal and external to the project. This strategy facilitates engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled and bi-directional flow of information. The Communication Management Strategy is typically derived from any corporate communications policies (e.g. rules for disclosure for […]
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Building a Stakeholder Assessment Grid

There are many ways to analyze and take the measure of your project stakeholders. One technique I particularly like is a stakeholder assessment grid. This team-based method allows you to identify and prioritize stakeholders and organizations for your projects prior to beginning detailed requirements definition. This allows the group to work together, visually represent the stakeholders, and assess the level […]
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