What Makes a Good Manager?

When you begin to assess the manager in your office, whether they’ve made a positive or negative impact on your outlook at work, there are some qualities to consider. Some of the key qualities required for a good manager are communication, motivation, and the ability to lead a team. It begins with great communication. A […]
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Writing as Part of Effective Project Communications

Effective project managers and business analysts communicate well with others, in writing and when they speak. Be careful not to spend too much time documenting, recording and sharing project information. Even though this work takes place across the project life cycle, it is essential to only document and communicate what is necessary.  You also need to make sure […]
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How Much Time Are We Wasting on Our Projects?

How many times do we find ourselves running out of time to successfully complete a project?  This can happen for our home-improvement projects as well as for larger projects we are involved with at work, such as building and deploying a new software system. Many times folks have asked me how we might get more […]
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The Best Project Manager I Ever Saw Is …

This past weekend, I was watching “the Right Stuff” and smiled at the part when a reporter is asking Astronaut Gordon “Gordo” Cooper who was the best pilot he ever saw.  Although his normal answer was “You’re looking at him”, this time he paused and thought about Chuck Yeager testing fighter places out at Edwards Air […]
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What I Learned About Project Leadership from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

One common characteristic of all successful project teams is the high amount of energy the team members apply toward getting the project done, on target, on time and on budget. According to Sun Tzu, in chapter five of The Art of War, the project leader’s role is to help the project team develop the energy required […]
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