PMI’s New Agile Project Management Certification

PMI is currently piloting a new project management certification focusing on applying agile techniques as part of project management.  The agile approach to project management is intended to enhance your “Project Management Toolbox” and targets completing successful projects within your organization. The PMI Agile Certification pilot is open to the public and any project management practitioner […]
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Using Packing Slips to Tailor PRINCE2®

Tailoring PRINCE2 ensures that planning, control, governance and use of themes/processes are done correctly on a project.  Tailoring is done by the project management team to adapt the method to their specific projects, focusing on adapting the themes through the strategies and controls, incorporating specific terms and language, revising the management product and project role […]
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PRINCE2® and Your Configuration Management System

Happy New Year! I still have one more aspect of PRINCE2 to discuss relative to how your organization handles the overarching tasks – this time we need to have a look at how PRINCE2 works with your configuration Management System (CMS).  Let’s check that box and get started.  When I say CMS, I am referring to the […]
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Project Management and Business Analysis Certifications to Consider in 2011

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Here I am sitting at my kitchen table thinking about how very many new standards and certifications there are to keep everyone busy in 2011, myself included.  The APMG, PMI and IIBA all had a very busy year in 2010 s producing a wonderful set of new certifications for project […]
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PRINCE2® and Your Quality Management Approach

When it’s time to figure out how to approach quality management on your projects, you need to start from the top down.  Step 1 is to establish a quality policy and high-level approach that applies consistently across all projects in the organization.  If you are lucky, your organization already has a corporate quality policy for you to follow […]
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