Use Cloud Bursting to Handle Unexpected Spikes in Demand

I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. I am, however, an American voter interested in the issues. I am also a techie.

Tonight I am watching the latest Republican primary debate in Las Vegas. How many more are there left to go?

Anyway, the first part of the debate basically became a discussion of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan. It seemed that there was much confusion among the candidates. There were multiple analyses that each was citing. To his credit, Herman Cain himself said that everyone should “do their own math” and check out the analysis on his website.

The analysis may or may not be interesting, but right now I don’t know. What is more interesting to me is this:

Figure 1 – Service Unavailable

Now I’m no expert in political strategy but this, to me, seems like a bad thing. Obviously the goal of the site is to get the message out to as many people as possible. This implementation falls short.

Could this problem have been avoided using “the Cloud”? Absolutely. Is there any issue with security or data privacy on this site? No.

This is exactly the type of problem that can be solved by “Cloud Bursting”. That is using public cloud resources to handle anticipated or unanticipated spikes in demand. Had this site used this technique it could have made use of elastic scalability to quickly provision additional resources and avoid this outage. Tomorrow, when everyone has forgotten about tonight’s debate, the solution deployment could be scaled back in to avoid paying for unused resources.

All of this is tangential, of course, to the actual debate that is going on right now. As I am typing this the debate has taken a bit of a negative turn. I hope that a fist fight does not break out between the Governor of Texas and the former Governor of Massachusetts. I guess that is why I am more interested in technology than in politics.

Kevin Kell

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