Using the AWS SDK for .NET is Fun, Easy and Productive!

As a programmer, one of the things I really like about Amazon Web Services is that there is SDK support for a variety of languages. That makes it easy to get started automating AWS solutions using tools you are already familiar with. My recent programming experience has been primarily with C#. I chose the Amazon SDK for .NET for my latest project since it was somewhat time critical (when are they not!?) and I had to go with a language I already knew pretty well.

The SDK download from Amazon includes a library for .NET, code samples and a Toolkit for Visual Studio. Once installed the toolkit provides a New Project template in Visual Studio that gives you a good place to start. You also get the AWS Explorer which makes it very easy to manage your Amazon resources right from within Visual Studio.

Figure 1 Visual Studio with AWS Toolkit installed

The library provides an intuitive object wrapper over the Amazon APIs. If you have used the Amazon command line tools or management console you should feel pretty comfortable with the .NET implementation. For example to use EC2 from within a C# application you create an instance of an EC2 client using the AWSClientFactory. You can then call methods on the AmazonEC2 object you create. These methods correspond to the command line commands and API calls you have already been using. The wizard even creates some sample code to get you going.

A simple method to launch an EC2 instance might look like this:

Figure 2 Simple Method to Launch an EC2 Instance

By providing support for multiple languages Amazon opens up AWS to developers from many backgrounds. Whether you program in Java, Ruby, PHP, Python or C# you will find an SDK that will get you started building solutions that leverage the many services offered by Amazon in the Cloud.

Kevin Kell

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