Using the PMBOK® Guide to Build a Practical Project Management Process

Many project managers, after passing their PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, find it difficult to apply the principles of the PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge,3rd Edition) when managing their projects at work. That’s largely because using the PMBOK® Guide as the basis for real-world project management requires a different approach than memorizing information and situational questions.

 Defining a practical and effective project management process is a daunting task for any organization; however, basing the process on a recognized and stable project management standard, such as the PMBOK® Guide, makes the task easier…if the standard is used appropriately. The current PMBOK® Guide offers a wealth of detailed project management knowledge that can serve as an excellent basis for building a project management process from the ground up, but its complexity can be an obstacle in defining a project management process in a simple, straightforward manner.

Also, for all its strengths (and there are many), you must remember that the PMBOK® Guide is structured as a reference manual, which can sometimes make it cryptic and confusing. Its purpose is not to provide a road map with a clear “start to finish” pathway for a project, but rather to provide a checklist of what you should considerduring the journey, based on accumulated knowledge of what’s been recognized as being “best practices.”

At Learning Tree, we believe that for the best results, you should take your academic knowledge of the PMBOK® Guide, mix it thoroughly with your own project management experience, sprinkle in the types of projects that are done in your organization and then create a customized approach for successfully accomplishing projects in your own work environment.

To learn more about how to use the PMBOK® Guide and 3-steps for practical application, download the complete 4-page Position Paper here.

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