Visual Studio 2010 – The Tools Keep Getting Better!

Whatever one says about Microsoft, you have to acknowledge that they do build good tools. The developer has always been at the heart of Microsoft’s business strategy and Microsoft has always delivered well thought out development tools.

Specifically, for the Azure developer, the latest release of the Azure Toolkit for Visual Studio offers some nice features.

For one, there is the ability to browse objects in Azure storage using the Server Explorer right from within Visual Studio:

Previously it was necessary to use a third party tool (for example Cloud Storage Studio from Cerebrata) to achieve this functionality. Now, it comes for “free” with the toolkit.

Also, it is now possible to deploy projects directly from Visual Studio into Windows Azure:

Is Windows Azure always the right choice? No!

Is Windows Azure better than or worse than other PaaS offerings? Well, it depends!

Is Windows Azure worth a look, particularly if you are already a .Net developer? You Betcha!

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