VMWare Announce Future Computing Vision: Its Cloudy !

This week VMWorld 2010 is being hosted in San Francisco. VMWare have presented their new vision for enterprise computing. To say it is cloud focused is an understatement. Their vision can be simply states as “Move everything to the cloud”. By this they mean not only applications and associated services but also desktop environments and local data centers.

This message will no doubt create a lot of debate and scepticism but I for one strongly agree with their strategy. To support this VMWare have announced a series of products to support it and their vision. Key to this strategy is not the elimination of IT departments, rather their evolution to provide “IT as a Service”. By this they see the IT department being able to dynamically provide the necessary resources for user and business needs.

The new VMWare product suite announces VMWare View (v4.5) which deliver personalized desktops as a managed service. This product enables the central provision and management of thousands of users with greater control and security than traditional approaches.Cost savings of upto 50% per desktop are quoted by VMWare.

Security is a major concern and VMWare address this using vShield Endpoint enabling for example antivirus protection to be centralized. A desktop provided as a service also means that application and data delivery will come from a number of sources, both public and private clouds. The Horizon product provides a secure user identity management capability for working in the cloud enabling a transparent single sign-on capability.

In summary, the announcements from VMWare this week are incredibly exciting. They now have the capability of revolutionizing the way all aspects of IT is delivered. Organisations can become more efficient, respond to new opportunities faster and scale to their market demands with seamless effort. Key to this is the IT department – or more importantly the evolution of the IT department to leverage Cloud Computing. The products and tools are now available, the knowledge and skills can be rapidly acquired from effective hands-on training such as Learning Tree’s intensive vendor neutral Cloud Computing course.


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