VMWare Code2Cloud Service for Java Cloud Development

In past posts I commented on VMWare’s CloudFoundry which enables Java developers to build Spring applications an deploy to a number of different public clouds. This is a very welcome solution that facilitates cloud portability. With the recent announcement of Code2Cloud, the offering has been taken to the next stage.

Consider the development environment for a typical Java project. Eclipse or an equivalent development environment will be on every developers desktop. In addition, a version control system will be required. For those practising agile development then continuous integration tools together with task management and bug/issue tracking software are also required. Setting up and integrating each of these is a non trivial task and takes time away from developers doing what they do best – developing great application software.

The Code2Cloud solution provided by VMWare is a cloud based suite of development and integration tools initially targeted at Spring developers. The solution will take away the need for any setup of the tools and their integration as well as their hosting. The solution will provide developers with a complete environment that covers all aspects of development and management through to deployment. The tools in the initial version include SpringSource Tool Suite, an Eclipse based IDE, Git distributed version control, Hudson continuous integration, Mylyn task management and Bugzilla bug and issue tracking. Coupled with automated deployment to a potential variety of clouds from different vendors, Code2Cloud provides the complete solution for software developers all based on cloud computing.

For Java Spring developers, whether working on cloud based applications or not, Code2Cloud provides the slickest solution to managing and developing application software available today. If you are interested in how Code2Cloud and other Cloud Computing services can revolutionize your organisations use of IT resources, why not come along to Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course. It provides a vendor neutral, hands-on approach to illustrating the benefits Cloud Conmputing can provide.


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