What has Happened to Google App Engine for Business ?

Last year Google announced App engine for business. This is the standard App Engine PaaS but enhanced for business so that they can host their internal applications on the App Engine. To facilitate this, Google offered extra features such as

  • SSL on custom domains
  • SQL service
  • Service Level Agreements

It seems that GAE for business has never moved beyond beta stage , with Google announcing that no new applications for accounts are being accepted but that the business features will be available in the next release of the standard GAE. This is both good news and bad. Good in that users of GAE will have improved levels of service and services. But bad because GAE for business was chargeable so the chances are the services will be payable when they become part of standard GAE.

Regular users of GAE will have seen the resource quotas available for free reduced over the last few months so it will be interesting to see what happens over the next release of GAE. There is no doubt that GAE is an excellent environment so payment will not be a barrier to most serious users. However, the changing features and pricing model of Google does raise a more general question for adopters of Cloud Computing. If they choose to move their IT to the cloud, how vulnerable does that make them to being controlled by the cloud vendor when it comes to pricing ? Part of any Cloud adoption strategy must be an analysis of the risk exposure an organisation will have to the selected cloud provider, and then devising a solution that reduces that risk to an acceptable level for the business. This is not an easy task and requires an in depth knowledge of Cloud Computing.

Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing Course considers scenarios such as the one above and introduces strategies for minimising the associated risk. If you are considering using Cloud Computing for your organisation, why not consider attending the course – it will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions appropriate for your business.

Chris Czarnecki

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