What is Cloud Computing ?

A survey of 200 of the UK’s top CIO’s and directors has found that over half (57%) are struggling to establish if Cloud Computing services are suitable for them. Further, 71% are concerned with the management complexities of switching to the cloud. Reading this report, I was intrigued to find out what the concerns of the CIO’s was regarding Cloud Computing. It seems that the overwhelming majority (91%) claim that they now understand what cloud computing is and deem a hybrid cloud as the most suitable solution but have major concerns including:

  • Complex and interdependent nature of in-house IT systems
  • Losing control of IT infrastructure
  • Business planning based on service based accounting
  • Security
  • Vendor lockin

What the findings of the report highlight to me are that any organisation considering using Cloud Computing requires:

  1. A THOROUGH knowledge of what Cloud Computing is
  2. A clear plan and strategy built on point one above

The reason I highlight these is that the report findings are very similar to the comments I hear from attendees on Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course. Some attendees understand what cloud computing is, some think they know what it is and others do not know at all. The challenge and fun of being an instructor is to take attendees with these different business and technical backgrounds and to clearly define what Cloud Computing is and the major services provided by vendors that can be of benefit to an organisation. On this foundation we then illustrate how to define a strategy and business case for migrating to the Cloud, considering organisations of all sizes, often using attendee provided scenarios from their workplace. We consider all aspects of a move, including existing infrastructure, personnel, skills and much more.

So in summary, The report on UK CIO’s and Cloud Computing adoption highlights to me that although the majority claim to know what Cloud Computing is, they are just unsure or concerned about how best to adopt it, their concerns highlight that many really do not fully understand what cloud computing is. This is not unusual as the term means so many different things. However, what is concerning is that their perception may be restricting their company IT strategy. Attending the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course can really make a difference to how you see IT and also your companies immediate, medium and long term IT strategies. Why not consider attending.


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