What’s new in the World of Cloud Computing

Three things you need to know from the week of September 29 2014.

Cisco to invest $1B into global cloud computing network

Cisco Systems will invest $1 billion over two years to expand its cloud offerings. Refered to as “Intercloud” the effort will link hundreds of data centers and cloud providers around the world in a network with more than 30 partners. Cisco believes that this network will help businesses process and manage data generated from billions of devices and applications around the world, Cisco said. With partners including Deutsche Telekom, BT group and Equinix Inc, Cisco  will add 250 data centers in 50 countries to its cloud network.

Oracle Jumps Into The Cloud Bandwagon (Finally)

Larry Ellison announced on Sunday September 28 what the company calls the Oracle Cloud Platform at Oracle’s annual customer conference in San Francisco. The promise is to help companies revamp their applications at the “push of a button” for an era ruled by mobile devices and always-connected computers. Although some may criticize Oracle for being late to the party, more cloud computing options will now be offered to its corporate customers.

NSA Private Cloud

After initially opting to just scale up capacity, NSA’s staff quickly realized that simply increasing the scope of the network was not going to work. This led CIO Lonny Anderson to approve a move to the cloud. Today, as the private cloud project continues to be rolled out, the agency is seeing the benefits. Tasks that took analysts days now take as little as minutes, costs have been reduced, and the management and protection of information has taken a huge step forward.

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