Why SharePoint?

About 5 years ago I saw SharePoint for the first time and it blew my mind. As a matter of fact it blew my mind so much that I changed the work that my company was doing and started focusing on SharePoint almost exclusively. Yet, as I go in to in to clients’ offices, I am bombarded with complaints about SharePoint.

What’s wrong with SharePoint?

  1. Stop calling it SharePoint. SharePoint is a platform for developing web sites. If you’re having issues, take a look at the development of your platform. Figure out what went wrong and redeploy the “HR” web site, or “Company Intranet.” Tell them you have a new version of the “Company Intranet”–not SharePoint.
  2. Stop using folders. So often I find clients’ libraries filled with layers and layers of folders. Folders don’t work well on the web. Users expect the same experience with folders as on their desktop and SharePoint does not deliver a good folder experience.

How not to use folders:

  1. Were users trained on the usage of the web site? I attended a training session at a client’s site delivered by the IT department that installed SharePoint (yes, they were calling it that). The audience consisted of business professionals who were planning to use SharePoint deployed for them. The presenter went on about the servers installed SharePoint and capabilities:

The audience was lost, and scared to death to see what they were going to get when they got back to their office.

So, SharePoint is not so bad. Focus on improving implementation or try SharePoint training, and then see what you think!

Gord Maric
CiRAM eSolutions Ltd
Specializing in SharePoint and Business Intelligence

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